Beach Butterfly

Butterfly Beach

Butterfly Beach

Butterfly Beach is located along Channel Drive in the upscale community of Montecito. Across from the Four Seasons Biltmore, this beach is deceptive in its simplicity. Since it is a Montecito Beach, and Montecito and the Biltmore have more than their share of celebrities, you have a good chance of seeing somebody famous here. Of course, if you do see somebody famous, you'll want to act cool, like it happens everyday because - well - here it does.

  • Amenities: Benches, No Facilities
  • Activities: Beach Walking, Biking, Stand-Up Paddleboarding, Sunbathing
  • Dog Policy: Dogs allowed on leash

This is one of the few west-ish-facing beaches so you can see a sunset over the water! It's a bit revolutionary here on the South Coast though common everywhere else in California.

This is a popular beach with locals, many with dogs. Students are known to pack the beach at times. There are stairs to the widest and most popular part of the beach at Butterfly Lane, and another set of stairs in front of the Biltmore (where you won't be able to park unless you are a guest). Like most in the area the beach can be narrow at high tide. At low tide it's possible to walk all the way to East Beach in Santa Barbara, or Hammonds Beach in Montecito. Bring your lunch, water, and sunscreen because there are no public facilities at this beach, unless you consider stairs and a trash can to be facilities. Again, it's a real locals kind of place.

Sandpiper Lodge

3525 State Street, 93105 Santa Barbara

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